The new status symbol – reusable grocery bags.

Here's your bag, you dirty hippie.

How can you tell that our priorities are screwed up as a people? The answer is simple, read this article about reusable grocery bags, then come back…

Now that you’ve done that, did the article make you laugh at how stupid some people are? If so, good, you’re fine, normal and sane, for the most part.


Did you agree the concept that was being made fun of? Do you own reusable bags? If so, when you use them do you really think you’re helping the planet? Be honest, do you REALLY think that? If you do, your priorities are screwed up. You’re the type of person who would step over a homeless man to give a dollar to Greenpeace.


2 Responses to “The new status symbol – reusable grocery bags.”

  1. January 19, 2009 at 2:01 am

    People’s ignorance deeply saddens me… sometimes so much so that I laugh. I’m quite crazy though, and I am of the opinion that if you don’t think your crazy then you are not to be trusted. For truly, honestly, realistically everyone is crazy. Some crazier then others, but all ARE crazy, even you!

    Oh, and i don’t use reusable bags. I always forget to take them!!! I use a basket that clips onto my bike that I ride to the grocery store. It’s great! I never forget it because it stay on my bike when not in use and I need my bike to get to the store. And i don’t need to use one of those nasty baskets the store provides. Goods go straight into my basket. I automatically know when I have as much as I can carry. Then I get to watch the check out guy unpack the thing only to repack it 30 seconds later. hahhaha, sometimes they can’t even do it right so there’s like a jar of peanut butter left over and they have this really sorry expression on their face. (ahhhhh, ignorance… makes me cry inside). So, I put the jar in my pocket, clip the basket onto my bike, go home, unclip, unload, and finally re-clip the basket onto my bike. NO DAMN BAGS!!!! It’s a very simple system.

    The basket makes my life much easier and well, i’m ON the planet. As far a really helping out the planet, like beyond me, its all hypothetical really. I don’t know where the last plastic bag i used is now. Maybe it is sitting in a landfill and will be dirt in 500 years. Maybe it got burnt up in an incinerated and produced .1 nano-grams of toxic shit that went into the air. Maybe a duck choked on it. Maybe it got recycled into a disaster relief blanket and now a duck is choking on it. I don’t know…… I’m not scared of these things happening this is just what happens to old plastic bags. I do know its not helping ME out any more. I know where my basket is too, and I know it is going to bring my groceries home next time i go to the store. I think its too big for a duck to choke on.

    Am I a screwed up priority to have for myself? Does that make me susceptible to sketchy heart string manipulating organizations like greenpeace. Does it make me blind to the screwed up problems happening in my localized area? If it does then i’ll start working hard on changing all that, because thats all I can really, actually do. Change myself and grow.

    Thanks for the perspective twist. I pray I could reciprocate.

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