Paying for passing – Students to get cash to pass, teachers’ unions oddly silent.

Teachers = good, teachers unions = not so good

First of all, paying students to do what is required of them is insane; it’s like rewarding someone for NOT doing the wrong thing.  That said, a school in Waterbury, Connecticut has instituted a policy of paying students who pass advanced placement exams.  The “prize” of $100 for each test passed is seen as an incentive to work and study hard to do well in something they should already be working and studying hard to do well in.  What’s curious is the teachers’ unions aren’t absolutely outraged over this.

The concept of a union is that everyone should be treated equally, no exceptions.  Everyone gets the same raise, same pay per number of years served, etc.  But if they can stand by and allow the argument that offering extras as an incentive to do better, doesn’t that blow away the theory that everyone should be paid the same?  Shouldn’t good teachers be rewarded and bad teachers let go?  Just something to think about…


1 Response to “Paying for passing – Students to get cash to pass, teachers’ unions oddly silent.”

  1. 1 Julie
    April 16, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    Theres really nothing to think about…..it is all pretty straight forward. Of coarse certain teachers won’t argue this, they don’t want to put their jobs at risk and this little rewards program just makes their jobs that much easier. If the students care more, than the teachers can care less!?! So many need to be fired, they have the most secure job out there!! Parents should be fighting this though, we all need to teach our children values!!

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