This is why unions suck

You have to love Cato…

Florid has a law that allows companies to donate to non-profit scholarship organizations; the company receives a tax return in exchange. This program is aimed at poor families. Companies donate money, get credit for it; and the poor kids have a chance at a private school education that they couldn’t otherwise afford. Everyone wins, everyone should be happy. A lot of people are happy enough, that Florida is considering raising the cap on the amount of money that companies can donate towards the program. Even more kids will have a shot at private schools, how can anyone see anything wrong with this? The more kids in private school, the less kids there are in public school; which means kids in public schools can get even more attention that they duly deserve. The teachers are not paid on a per-pupil basis, so they are not facing pay cuts. Private schools may need more teachers, which generates jobs. There may be no losing angle to view this problem from.

However, it has upset the Florida’s teacher’s union, the Florida Education Association. They have told the media that they plan to “kill” this program in court.

Perhaps the most evident fact that unions are headed by self interested, self loathing scumbags who have no desire for the true greater good of the people is the fact their largest concern is that the program might grow too large. What a crock. Their assertion that the program may grow too large only reflects previous evidence that there is no feasible downside to this program. If this program is one more step towards the downfall of such a wretched union, add one more benefit to it and tell the Florida legislature to remove the cap entirely. Crush that union.

As students of limited government can tell you, moving kids away from public school will shrink the size of the teacher’s union, which means they lose their clout. Unions create on more special interest to sway politicians. There are 4 million unionized teachers today as opposed to 900,000 back in 1961. If this number begins to dwindle, the teachers realize they will have a harder time getting pay raises, retirement benefits, bonuses for good test scores, etc…because if politicians aren’t listening to their union, the politician may just be listening to the people.


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