Obama’s Broken Promise

Obama is sinking into the water he used to walk on.Most candidates usually wait until they’re in office to start breaking campaign promises.  Obama however has decided to not wait.

Obama promised back in the fall to take public funding if the GOP candidate did the same.  Senator McCain appears to be in the process of taking the public funding, which would force Obama to commit to a promise – turning away the money offered by his donor base.  The world knows what happens when it comes time for a liberal to uphold their end of the bargain:  the person or people on the other end of the bargain get hosed. 

To his credit, Obama has not yet made his decision, but as the Washington Post says:

“But going back on his pledge to take public financing if the GOP nominee were to agree to do the same would be an unfortunate step — and one that reflects badly on Mr. Obama”

Instead of taking public financing, Obama appears to be the first candidate since the Watergate era ready to run an entire privately funded campaign.  If only he had that sort of faith in the private sector in any other aspect of his policies…


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