For Obama, The Sheep’s Clothing is Falling Off

Obama the snob

It may have taken him longer than the rest, but Obama’s most recent statement that economic woes makes people cling on to things like guns and God, underscores the elitism and arrogance that has come to define the Democratic party. In the great tradition of McGovern, Dukakis, Gore and most recently Kerry, this latest gaffe almost makes it seem as if the Democratic party wants to lose this election.

If liberals wonder why so many people in small industrial towns in our country resent the elite Democratic establishment, they should look no further to people like Obama who seem to look down with disdain people who are not “educated” and “enlightened.” For a lot of Americans in this country, religion is not a fad, but a way of life – and suggesting anything otherwise touches on a raw nerve unlike no other. Obama’s true colors are showing, and it’s clear that he is nothing more than an arrogant, ivy-league educated liberal who is completely out of step with mainstream America.

It seems as though the voters of Pennsylvania are catching on, considering this polls shows Hillary sprinting out to a 20 point lead.


1 Response to “For Obama, The Sheep’s Clothing is Falling Off”

  1. March 16, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    Obama is exactly the opposite of what you are saying. He doesn’t look down on “uneducated” people, he does exactly the opposite, compared to the old government who didn’t respect poor or uneducated people at all, for example the Catrina victims. He is not an elitist, he actually listens to people and care about them unlike the old government, yes his goal is to hear and understand the voice of the people. The main thing opposers mainly republicans, want to do is to backtalk his religious views, like his supposed dissbelief in God etc. Why? Because they have nothing else, why else? Because it’s a crucial matter for many voters. Considering how the way these people backtalk him, put bad pics of him just proves how Godless themselves are.

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