As food prices soar around the world, global warming zealots remain silent.

Thanks, Global Warming.

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a page one story on an issue we are just now starting to hear about, but will be a factor in our world for a long time if Global Warming zealots have their way – food riots and shortages.
After years of lobbying for “alternative fuels,” such as ethanol and other bio-fuels, these true believers have gotten a significant portion of their way to the point that the opening impact of these policy prescriptions are starting to be felt in the places that can least afford it – poor countries.

Everyone knows subsidizing a food product would cause more people to grow that food product, that has been proven for decades. And people warned removing that food from the food supply for any reason, especially one as dubious as ethanol, would lead to a shortage of that food. But the true believers, the followers of Pope Goreus the IV, didn’t care. First of all, those who can afford to spend their time worshiping at Al Gore’s feet can afford a 50 percent increase in rice prices, they’re rich! Secondly, it makes them feel good while hurting people they will never see in person, the world’s poor. In the name of righteousness some sacrifices have to be made…but while mentioning Hummers and private jets (something they aren’t willing to personally give up), they neglected to mention that some of those sacrifices would be human.

The first to be hurt and the last to recover from turmoil are the poor because they simply can’t afford increased prices. The logic of that should go without saying, the fact of that seems to have thus far in the global warming churches around universities campuses. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they care less about people than they do their agenda. All these poor people will be vindicated once their brand of socialism is imposed on the world, and by the world we mean the United States and their Capitalism, aka the root of all evil.
Since ethanol is NOT a pollution solution, and may well be more harmful to the environment than gasoline, Congress should eliminate the requirements that is become an even larger portion of our fuel supply. Incentivizing new energy developments would be the only acceptable role for government, but they shouldn’t do that either. The private sector will step up if the government steps out of the way.

Government has not solved one problem, cured one disease or improved the lives of anyone (outside of bureaucrats) yet liberals continue to offer it up as all-knowing. If it is, in fact, all knowing, then they knew what they were doing when they started the world down the path it currently finds itself, a path were the third world starves, can’t develop and continues to have poisonous water. Then again, considering the models they look toward for inspiration throughout history, that’s not surprising at all either.


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