The Olympic Torch is killing people!

The root of all evil!  The Olympic Torch.

As any good Liberal will tell you, competition is the root of all evil, hence participation ribbons and the way Democrats give delegates to anyone who wants them – even if they don’t get the most votes.  So it should come as no surprise that the Olympic, specifically the Torch, are contributing to global warming (don’t even get started on the carbon footprint of people traveling to see them live). 

ABC News is outraged that the torch will release 5,500 tons of carbon dioxide by the time the games are over.  Forget the oppression of Tibet as a reason to boycott the games, the torch is a serious killer!

Meanwhile, people in the third world, you know, people Lefties claim to care so deeply about, are starting to riot and kill each other over the high cost of food due to global warming.  Not that global warming is making it more difficult to grow food, mind you, since it isn’t real it can’t, but more farmers are growing government subsidized crops like corn for use in creating ethanol, not for human consumption. 

We’ll explain quickly for our Liberal friends.  The less of something available, especially something people NEED, the more expensive it becomes.  Since the food used to produce ethanol is also food not only consumed by humans, but fed to animals that produce things consumed by humans (eggs, meant, milk, etc.), the cost of feeding those animals increases, which increases the cost of those products.  Some people in the world can’t afford to feed their families anymore, thanks to these subsidies and the underlying policies from which they sprang.

Meanwhile, Al Gore is rich and probably swimming in his heated pool…Damn Olympic Torch!


1 Response to “The Olympic Torch is killing people!”

  1. 1 PJ
    April 11, 2008 at 10:15 am

    Not to mention the petroleum products used in the fertilizer and tractors to grow the corn. As well as ship it to the plant to process it into fuel.

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