Here come the liberal smears…and no one is shocked.

David Brock

David Brock, the former supposed “investigative reporter,” and once a so-called conservative, is leading the way on a hack job campaign gearing up to spend the next 4 months and $40 million to attack John McCain.  Brock, only taken seriously by MSNBC, says he’s “a little behind” on fundraising.  Good.

Though he has cash flow issues probably won’t last long, there are a lot of filthy rich liberals who wish to impose Socialism on the country (while protecting their own wealth, by the way) and have no intention of allowing facts to stand in the way of a good story.  It’s typical, really.

Brock is the darling of the hate-freedom Left in this country the same way Arianna Huffington is, and for they same reasons.  They “used to be conservative” but somehow changed.  There’s something so phony about that claim that’s it’s laughable. 

Anyone who genuinely believes in limited government, individual liberty and the Constitution could not possibly do the 180 that people like those two have.  There is plenty of disagreement on the Right on issues important to some but not others.  Abortion is the top issue for some and doesn’t hit the radar for others.  People have different views of trade, but in general they agree on more things than they disagree.  How is it that Brock and Huffington could switch not on one of two things, but on everything?  There is no position they currently hold that they held when they were supposedly on the other side.  Principles don’t work like that, not genuinely held ones, anyway.  Someone switching their views on abortion shouldn’t have any impact on their views on global warming, or their views on free trade, taxes, etc., and vice-versa. Yet it did for them.

Huffington and Brock landed on a pile of money provided by billionaires who want an agenda passed that is just as dissimilar to what made this country great as their personal views are now compared to what they where years ago, so that helps.  It would seem that everything really is for sale.


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