Yet Another Democrat Double Standard

Democrats have perpetually whined about Republican obstructionism in the Senate, ever since regaining control of the Senate.  Who’s really obstructing who?

As the Wall Street Journal reports, Democrats appear to be the true obstructionist of the people’s free will.  The President, re-elected with over 50% of the vote in 2004, has the responsibility to appoint judicial nominees by our Constitution.  The Senate, controlled by democrats, has confirmed only 6 Bush appellate court nominees.  Specter confirmed 15 for Clinton.  Everyday people depend on the judicial process to gain justice and restore their lives; to leave it shorthanded is to deny or prolong justice to the American people.

Maybe the court is full, you ask?  It so happens that there are 11 nominees being blacklisted by commie sympathizer Leahy.  Leahy has held one hearing since September.  That’s 1, for those of you who didn’t catch that.  And that hearing was held during a recess.  Grand overtures from the party that decries the partisan politics of the “evil” Rove. (Note the dripping sarcasm.)

To go further, 57 district court judges were seated during the last two years of Clinton’s presidency, only 37 so far for Bush.  Nineteen of these seats are “judicial emergencies”, meaning the filings are becoming unmanageable.  Where is the bi-partisan Obama when you need him?  Again, note the dripping sarcasm.

Finally, Republicans had enough.  Senator Coburn confronted Leahy in the Judiciary Committee hearing, and inquired about the lack of a hearing for the 4th district judicial nominee, Robert Conrad.  Leahy retorted that Black had many anti-Catholic remarks.  This goes to show what a liar and partisan Leahy is, as Conrad is a practicing Catholic.  It should not soon be forgotten that Leahy is the senator who spoke on the Senate floor for hours about Dick Cheney being a crook, and then cried when Cheney would not be nice to him.

Just another day in the life of democrats – find a double standard, and exploit it…even if it means hurting the American people.


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