Pictures from the April First Friday.

Thank you to everyone that come out to First Friday last week, it was a great turnout with a lot of new faces.  This is normally the point where the special guest it thanked, but that is clearly not going to happen this week.  Thought about PhotoShopping in Tony Snow to a few of the pictures in an obvious way but time ran short.  So again, we apologize to everyone who came out meet Tony, we wish we could give you an excuse as to why he wasn’t able to make it, but we can’t.  Just assume the best.  Next month we will kidnap the special guest a week ahead of time to ensure they show up.

Here is a sampling of the pictures from First Friday. You can see a larger version of each of these by clicking on them and can see all the pics from Friday by going to our Flickr page here.

Also, we do have a Facebook group but there are only a few members because we don’t do much with it, frankly. But we do post some pictures from First Friday there a few days before we post all of them, and you can tag people, so there is a small benefit to joining. If you are so inclined you can join the group here. Considering some of the odd groups on Facebook people join, joining our group isn’t all that strange.


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