Yet Another Hillary Lie

In what’s become an all too familiar pattern, HRC is at it again. This time telling us the heart wrenching story about a pregnant woman in Ohio being turned away at the emergency room because she lacked health insurance. In what surely was the creation of one of her well paid political consultants aimed to humanize HRC and dispel the idea that she is in the race only for her own self interests, the story plays well in the stump. One problem…it turns out the story is a big fat lie. The hospital in question has recently come out saying that the story HRC is peddling is simply not accurate. And in typical Clinton fashion, Hillary is now telling us that she was repeating the story as was told by someone else….

Of course Hillary. Given your stellar record of truth telling and transparency like Whitewater, your tax returns, Bosnia, etc…this latest swan song was simply a misunderstanding.


1 Response to “Yet Another Hillary Lie”

  1. 1 Myles Riner, MD
    April 7, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    As an emergency physician, I find it incredibly frustrating that Senator Clinton, and many other supposedly astute politicians in Washington, seem to know so little about emergency care in our country, and about the obligation of emergency physicians and hospital emergency departments to provide medical screening and emergency care to all patients, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. Clinton should have known that there was something very wrong about this story, and her failure to question the facts reflects a lack of understanding of what emergency physicians do and the economic burden we carry as the safety net for our broken health care system. There are those who say that the EMTALA obligation on emergency care providers represents the largest government mandated health care insurance program in the country, larger even than Medicare, and it is completely unfunded. I would really appreciate it if someone would inform Senator Clinton about the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, and the role of emergency physicians and the emergency care safety net, so that she can take this information into consideration if she ever gets another shot at reforming health care.

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