Hillary Clinton tries the old switcheroo.

Hillary wearing the hat of some of her big donors.Hillary tries the old On the day the news broke that the Clinton campaign fired or demoted Mark Penn (3 months too late), her chief strategist and pollster, Hillary needed a distraction, or so some seem to think, so she called for the US to boycott the opening ceremonies of the Olympics over China’s treatment of Tibet.  Not exactly the bravest stance ever, still it’s something more people should be talking about.

The idea of a full boycott of the games has yet to be vocalized by anyone of significant and, as much as we dislike the Chinese government, a full boycott probably isn’t the best way to go.  Not only will it harm our athletes who have trained and lived their lives for these games, it won’t have any difference.  Simply boycotting the open ceremonies will have the same effect. 

So it’s a good thing Hillary came out and said what other world leaders have said.  We just wonder if this will mean a reduction in campaign contributions to her from busboys and dishwashers…


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