Clinton Superdelegate super-spineless.

Jon Corzine will be right behind you, all the way, until it suits his purposes not to be.

 Either the superdelegates exist in the Democratic Party to vote how they want or they exist to ratify whatever the majority of Dems want.  If they are a rubber stamp why have them in the first place?  While not known for logic, the Democratic nominating process has rules, as screwed up as they are, for a reason – to allow the superdelegates to vote any way they want.Well, it seems New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has the absolutely no spine or core beliefs whatsoever.  He’s signaling that he’d change his vote as a superdelegate from Hillary to Barack if Barack wins the popular vote.  This is like becoming a fan of the first place sports team at the end of the season, totally fair-weathered.  He’ll vote for you, if you’re winning, but don’t count on his support to help you if you’re not.

Corzine ins a weasel.  Maybe he also suffered a spine injury in his car accident? 


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