Shine a Light premiere – The Stones, Scorsese and politics = Good Times.

Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich with Grover and Samah Norquist.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, as the old saying goes, but last night at the DC premiere of the new Rolling Stones concert film directed by Martin Scorsese, the bedfellows were very strange indeed.  Not only was the event co-hosted by former First Friday special guest Grover Norquist and David Brock from Media Matters, two people with less in common than a glass of water and knife fight, but we found Grover having a long chat with Congressman and perpetual Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.  These are two people who couldn’t agree on the time if they were both looking at the same watch, yet the Stones brought them together. 

We kid, both are actually very nice people, though we think everything Kucinich does politically is crazy (we say politically because he did marry his wife).

Other notables at the event were Senator Byron Dorgan, FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, Paul Begala, Bill Press (who had to leave early) and two other former First Friday guests, Jim Pinkerton and Christopher Hitchens.  This is the only picture we took because there was a party to attend immediately after and, well, it’s not like us to pass on free hooch and a chance to chat with Hitch.


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