Pizza Hut fires employee after he defends himself against an armed robber by shooting suspect.

James Spiers defended himself against this and was fired by Pizza Hut.

James William Spiers III needs a job now that Pizza Hut fired him for defending himself against an armed robber.  Getting fired is not exactly the type of response you would expect from your employer when you defend yourself, but in this litigious age where trial lawyers own a political party to the point that businesses are afraid of lawsuits that could cost them millions, it’s not surprising either.

So if you know anyone in the Des Moines, Iowa area who is looking to hire someone, tell them to look up James Spiers, he’s available. 

And don’t eat at Pizza Hut until James has a new job.  Let them know that self-defense is our right, and the right thing to do.


1 Response to “Pizza Hut fires employee after he defends himself against an armed robber by shooting suspect.”

  1. 1 greg m.
    October 20, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    I suppose that the company would rather the employee that makes minimum wage get killed ?Rather than lose there precious money in a lawsuit!! Fuck the company !! If it were me I would have done the exact same as James did. Pay that we make doesn’t mean putting your life in jeopardy. I work in a gas station in Michigan that recently was robbed at gun point and If I were there I would probably have been fired also because if someone threatens my life by pointing a gun in my face the 12 years of Martial arts training I have will either leave the suspect dead , or not able to ever walk again. James you are a hero and deserve a raise not the opposite,I hope you find a better job man: sincerely : Greg Moore

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