It’s 3:00 am and the crisis is economic? Hillary Clinton is really stretching it.

Of all the calls the President could get at 3:00 am, one that says a small fraction of Americans bit off way more than they could chew because they gambled and lost on real estate investments isn’t going to be one of them.  News like that can wait till the morning, or even lunch.  What’s next, “It’s 3:00 am, the phone rings in the White House because you have a leg cramp…”  There’s only so much a President can do when people take a chance and lose, otherwise there would be a disbursement office for government checks in Vegas.

This is the news ad from the Clinton campaign about just that.  Notice how they have an old guy sitting there while the phone rings and the voice-over talks about McCain, then they cut to a black couple ignoring the phone, too.  Who do you think that is supposed to be?

Here’s an idea: What happens in a mortgage company’s office should stay in a mortgage company’s office – READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU SIGN WHEN YOU ARE MAKING THE BIGGEST EXPENDITURE IN YOU LIFE! Is that too much to ask? Don’t bury yourself in more debt than you can afford then come and take our money to cover your mistakes.

We hope property values continue to drop to a level where the market, which was way out of whack because people were snapping up houses thinking they would never drop caused them to rise, says they should be so the rest of us who could not afford a house and chose wisely not to gamble on a no-interest loan could actually afford one.  Crazy talk, we know, but correct. 

Feel badly for the people who will lose their house, but that it, they shouldn’t be helped, they are adults who made a bad decision that bit them.  Learn from it and move on.  Also, many of them are choosing not to make payments because property values have dropped so much they think they’re paying too much more than the house is worth, so they walk away.  Do they deserve help?  No, but that’s not how the government works.  The government just takes our money and throws it around like it’s Johnny Appleseed in a planting frenzy while we get screwed and the problem is simply pushed off into the future rather than being dealt with now.  Sickening and typical for government.


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