Obama puts money where Jeremiah Wright’s mouth is.

Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.

Obama’s church has come into considerable notoriety based on the controversial remarks made by it’s recently retired minister, Reverend Wright. Since the disclosing of rabid sermons that have enraged many Americans, Obama has sought to calm the winds by attempting to justify Wright’s sermons based on his experiences. Obama has clarified that he does not agree with what the Reverend said. Obama has even gone so far as to suggest he might have left the church had Rev. Wright stayed on.

Obama is certainly putting the verbal spacing between the two. His words will have to speak much louder than what his money says.

While Obama was pondering leaving the church, he donated $22,500 to it in 2006. Not quite chump change. Most people are not in the practice of donating heavily to organizations that have speakers they do not agree with. That said, Obama should receive credit for his public disclosure of his tax returns; clarity is important when considering national leaders. Even if it raises questions about affiliations with strange ministers.


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