Kudos to Chelsea Clinton for her answer to the Monica question.

Kudos to Chelsea Clinton.We aren’t big fans of the Clintons, there’s no doubt about that, but we give credit when credit is due.  We’ve been critical of Chelsea, and still are, for her refusal to speak to the press, even though she is actively campaigning for her mother, but in Indianapolis yesterday a questioner from the audience (not the press) crossed the line and Chelsea put the guy in his place.  (It’s unclear if he was an Obama supporter, but given the bad blood lately in the Democrat primary it wouldn’t surprise us.)

At a campaign event she was talking with the audience and was asked about her mother’s credibility and whether or not it had been hurt by the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Chelsea verbally smacked the guy down and took another, final question.

Think what you will of the Clintons and the Monica issue, as was said just a moment ago, we do, but Chelsea isn’t the person to ask.  She is not responsible for her father’s irresponsibility and there’s no point in pouring salt on that wound with her.  Policy questions, yes, absolutely, but not personal questions about her parents marriage. 

We don’t ofter fret about “the line” but that definitely crosses it.


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