Liberals only support our troops when they support their surrender agenda – the story of Forest Lake High School.

Vet for Freedom tour

 Steve Massey, principal of Forest Lake High School in Minnesota, is either a coward or a typical left-winger who doesn’t want to hear opinions with which he disagrees. 

Massey cancelled a scheduled event featuring Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans from the group Vets for Freedom because he said it “was becoming a political event.”  You can read his whole statement here.  Just how it was becoming a political event he didn’t say, probably because it wasn’t.  But that doesn’t mean the hate America first crowd didn’t call the school to complain, which they admitted, and threatened to protest it.  How douchebag Leftists that have nothing to do with the event can make an event too political, especially when they can’t enter the school, remains a mystery. 

But Massey had enough and cancelled the event at the last minute, leaving the soldiers, one of whom is a graduate of the school, out in the cold.  They were able to find an alternate venue for their discussion, an American Legion Hall but were worried about getting an audience there.

If you are as disgusted by this complete caving into the Left-Wing radicals as we are, let your opinions be known.  Here’s the contact information for the Forest Lake School District.  Let them know they shouldn’t cave in to pressure from either side when it comes to our military and that the men and women who fight to protect our right to free speech should not be denied theirs.  Be civil, whoever answers the phone didn’t make this decision, just let them know they are wrong.

Forest Lake Area Schools
District Office

6100 N 210th St  
Forest Lake, MN 55025
Main Line: 651-982-8100 
E-Mail: feedback@forestlake.k12.mn.us

Superintendent Lynn Steenblock:

Administration & Human Resources:

Business Office: 651-982-8126

Communications: 651-982-8118


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