Obama: vote for me and I will be everything I have never been – bipartisan.

Just look at my smile, not my policies.The lemmings on the Left have been preaching for months now that Barack Obama is the only person who can “bring this country together,” whatever that means.  They think that somehow with Obama as President ideological differences will melt away.  They won’t.

First of all, Obama has no record whatsoever of building consensus on anything, or any record of accomplishment, for that matter.  It’s kind of tough to point to anything you’ve done when you have only been a Senator for 2 years and haven’t done anything.  But the fact that he’s the left-winger has been established.

Even so, Obama does not come to the campaign with a reputation as one of the accommodating bridge-builders in the Senate. His voting record, albeit short, is to the left; the National Journal declared it the most liberal of 2007. Congressional Quarterly said he voted with his party 97 percent of the time on party-line votes that year.

Obama has been endorsed by advocacy groups like MoveOn.org that are anathema to Republicans on Capitol Hill. And some of his strongest supporters are activists at the “net-roots” who have clamored for less accommodation across party lines.

Obama says he understands the criticism of his voting record, but argues that the Senate is so ideologically polarized it is hard not to end up on one side or the other.

Oh, so he hasn’t done anything because of ideology, but somehow as President he’s going to be able to get things done?  What a joke.

Second, there is no compromise to be made on some of the major issues.  Health care, for example.   Democrats want a socialized system with complete government control, the kind that if failing around the world.  Republicans want a free-market approach, the one approach that has not been tried but has worked in every other segment of the economy.  How do you compromise on that?  There is no socialized free-market approach. 

Obama is blowing smoke and living off the fact that the media don’t bother to go into his words, at least they haven’t yet.  Never before has a candidate credited with so much with no facts to back it up.  Some day soon, someone will look into Obama the way the media should have been looking into him all along and they’ll find something, something more damaging that Pastor Disaster.  Can’t wait for that day.


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