News of the Weird, News of the World, News of…Whatever!

News of the Weird!In our never ending attempt to bring you the news from around the world that you may have missed, here is another bit of the written version of the famed last segment of our podcasts.

Story #1

Gambling is, well, a gamble, that’s why it’s called gambling, and while ATM machines seem like gambling sometimes, what with their fees and all, this ATM in northern England was anything but a gamble.  For several hours, as long as the cash lasted, it gave out double the money by mistake.  Needless to say, it attracted a crowd.  The company that owns the machine said that it appeared the machine had malfunctioned.  You think?

Story #2

Here’s a bit of advice for thieves looking to make a quick getaway – don’t forget to take your kid when you run out of the store.  Better yet, unlike this idiot in Amsterdam, don’t bring your kid with you if you’re planning on committing a crime.

Story #3

If you want to keep something safe and secret, here’s a bit of advice – make sure it doesn’t end up in the trash on a public street.  Canadian officials are probing how plans for their new secret headquarters for their anti-terror unit ended up in the trash, found by a passer-by.  We suspect they were thrown out because they didn’t have anything to do with hockey or beer.

Story #4

You might think our election process is getting odd, but that’s nothing compared to what they’re seeing in Taiwan.  Candidates for President are running ads with hamburgers, fried chicken, men urinating, and much more.  While it sometimes feels like our elections are in the toilet, at least they aren’t literally…yet.

Story #5

We’ve all heard stories of how certain people insure parts of their body they’re famous for for millions of dollars, right?  Well, this one takes it a bit far, in our opinion.  A wine maker and taster in Bordeaux, France, has insured his nose for $8 million, just in case he were to ever lose his sense of smell.  First, how could you prove he’s lying if he claims he lost his sense of smell?  (We could come up with some fun tests.)  Second, is his policy void if he picks it?  Couldn’t that be like suicide if he did it too hard?


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