State Department contract employees violate Barack Obama’s privacy by accessing his passport records.

Obama had his privacy voilated by the monster he wants to make bigger.

News broke tonight that 3 contract employees violated Barack Obama’s privacy by snooping around his passport records for what is said to be curiosity’s sake.  Two of the employees were fired, the other has been disciplined.  There will, no doubt, be a major investigation and the left-wing will go crazy with black helicopter theories. 

Since nothing is know at this point, MSNBC is now speculating wildly about the Bush Administration being diabolical and being behind this for political reasons.  This makes no sense, but it explains why the Obama campaign is jumping all over it.  They really need a distraction (W)right now.

It is an outrage and if laws were broken those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  But this is what you get with a huge government, the type Obama advocates for.

Lots of employees with access to a lot of information of ours and power over our lives.  This should give every big-government liberal pause about their thoughts on big government and the power they want to give it over our health care, to just name one thing.  But liberals look at the programs they advocate for failing all over the world and arrogantly think that they can do it better.  Wait times that kill people in socialized medicine, wait times we don’t have now, and they think they won’t be a problem here.  Liberalism has essentially become a fantasy of arrogance that they can make something that doesn’t work anywhere work here because they’re simply smarter than everyone else on the planet. 

This case is just as outrageous as the 400 confidential FBI files on Republicans being delivered to the Clinton White House, or the theft of Michael Steele’s identity to access his credit report in his Senate campaign by staffers (who stayed on the payroll for months after they were caught) for Senator Chuck Schumer.  But we don’t expect the news coverage those stories got, which wasn’t much, nor do we expect the same outcome since no one in either of those cases were prosecuted. 

This couldn’t come at a better time for the Obama campaign.  Their spokesman is on MSNBC right now pointing out that the dates are curious of these breaches, but they really aren’t.  Obama had just won the Iowa Caucus, not many people thought he would, so these douchebags wanted to look into the background of Obama.  Doesn’t make it right, but it’s not surprising.

Keith Olbermann just came back on and blamed the President for this.  Typical for him, in the absence of facts, make it up.


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