Obama’s speech: the generation gap becomes clearer.

One is a woman, one white and one black.  Get over it!

This New York Times article about how groups are fawning over Barack Obama’s speech on race clearly points out how there is a massive generation gap in this country.

To our mind, Obama didn’t need to give the speech, he should have just said the things his friend and former pastor said were stupid and wrong and aren’t anywhere near what he believes, then walked off the stage.  Instead, he went on for a half hour about the history of racism in this country and threw his grandmother out to the dogs. 

The old media and old liberal members of the media were crawling all over each other to say how great the speech was, Chris Matthews nearly cried.

Young people don’t care about the race issue, so a speech on the subject is boring, except those on the extreme left who still see race before anything else and make assumptions about people based on their skin color.  People like that used to be called racist, now they’re call “progressive.”

People under 40 didn’t grow up in the segregated South, didn’t have race-based bathrooms and drinking fountains, didn’t live the with Klan running down the street spewing their bile to a receptive audience.  Frankly, we don’t care about race.  It’s simply a matter of birth that no one had anything to do with.  You’re either a jerk or you’re not a jerk, your skin pigment has nothing to do with it.

Everyone needs to get over the fact that Obama happens to be black (and notice it’s the Left who seems obsessed with this fact) and focus on what he wants to do as President.  Notice he’s not out there giving interviews to people who would ask him tough questions, isn’t going into detail about his proposed plans, he just spews platitudes and gives good speeches about hope and change while the media lap it up like Thanksgiving gravy.

Look old people, Obama is black, McCain is white, Hillary is a woman, accept it as irrelevant.  The more you harp on any of those facts the more you expose your own biases.  You’re imposing your world view on people you don’t know.  Yes, there are segments of society of every color and gender who care about such things, but they’re idiots and in the minority.  (Yet you never report on the racial slurs directed at conservative blacks, ever notice that?)  How about you go into DETAIL in your reports in an HONEST way about what each of these people propose to do as President?  That used to be a journalist’s job.

So get back to what you’re supposed to do, please.  All the racists and sexists (which a good portion of you are) have already made up their mind who their voting for or against and policy has nothing to do with it, you aren’t going to change their minds.  They’ll die off over time and the rest of us will have to live with the policies whoever wins the White House seeks to pass.  Better to spend your time reporting on those issues, don’t you think?


1 Response to “Obama’s speech: the generation gap becomes clearer.”

  1. 1 SM Kovalinsky
    March 20, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    I am one of those born too late to be of the Boomer generation, but a bit early to be fully Generation X. But my views fall in line with the youth who are bored with race and gender. I am shocked at the way people my age are viewing all through the lens of these outmoded concepts. It is almost as if they don’t want their own time to be over: If race and gender have become only secondary characteristics, with the person and actions of primary importance, then it follows as the day the night that their civil rights era mantras and they themselves, have become irrelevant.

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