Obama to McCain: make nice with our enemies!

He’s not ready because he’s unwilling to be tested.

Barack Obama is desperate to be credible on the issues, his speechwriters and his delivery make him SOUND credible, but he ducks reporters and tough interviews, so he can’t actually be that bright or understand the issues beyond soundbites.

Since he needs Hillary’s voters in the fall (though that will be difficult), he can’t attack her and make her look bad, so he has to attack McCain.  Since he’s nowhere near the man McCain is and has nowhere near the experience and knowledge of McCain, he has to stick with left-wing mantra: our actions have emboldened our enemies.

Senator Obama, you’re new to this so we’ll take it easy on you.  All the intelligence and all the evidence collected shows that our INACTION in the 1990s emboldened our enemies, we were following the path you and your side suggest now before 9/11 and that didn’t work out so well, if you remember.  Since then we’ve been KILLING them before they have a chance to come here and kill us.  Yes, some more people have joined their side, but if you really think those people were just nice people sitting around, living their lives in a way that would harm no one and lead them to peaceful death from old age until one day when they saw the US military kill people who were murdering any and everyone, military and civilian of any ethnicity and was so outraged they decided to pick up a suicide belt, you’re crazy.  These are the people who are ripe for the pickings for recruiters because they’re too stupid to ask the person espousing the virtues of blowing yourself up this question, “If it’s so great, why are you still alive?”

So Senator, if you want to engage is a debate, an actual debate, you should know what you’re talking about.  But since you’re afraid to go on Fox News or Tim Russert, we don’t expect you to become seriously engaged in anything other than platitudes.


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