No Home-Run, but not a strike out either.

Barack Obama

Phil A. Buster correctly said that heading into this morning’s speech, Barack was going to come up to bat with the bases loaded with two outs and needing to hit a home-run. After hearing Barack’s speech, it appears as if he hit a double or a triple, but not the home run he needed to inject the type of fusion that his candidacy so desperately needs.

To Obama’s credit, he correctly dealt with this thorny issue head on, rather than shy away from it a la Clinton. But rather than unequivocally condemn the hateful rhetoric of Pastor Wright, Obama told us that we should not let this issue distract us from the campaign and the issues. Obama reminded us that the Pastor Wright he knows reaches out to the poor and disenfranchised.

Fair enough, but through the lens of hope and conciliatory tone of his campaign, Obama’s explanation of Rev. Wright and his hateful sermons falls short. Way short. Obama could have said that racism cuts both ways….Whites, as well as blacks, can be racists. Unless liberals like Obama can come out and say this, without fear of repercussions, the playing field will truly never be fair.


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