Can’t anyone in New York politics keep it in their pants? New Governor, David Paterson, admits affair on day 1!

The Patersons have so much love for each other that they have to share it with other people, literally!

No, he didn’t have an affair on day 1, that we know of anyway, but newly sworn in New York Governor David Paterson did admit an affair on his first day. Is it really that difficult to not sleep with someone who isn’t your wife?  Why the hell get married, or stay married, if you’re going to screw around?  This goes for all politicians of either party. 

At least Paterson didn’t go to a hooker, that he’s admitted yet, but still…

What’s really screwed up is his wife was interview for his mia culpa interview and said, “Like most marriages, you go through certain difficult periods.”

“Difficult periods”?  Maybe there’s a bit of time where you’re not getting along very well, but what troubled marriage has ever been solved by hopping into bed with someone else?  Who says, “Honey, I was thinking about divorcing you because we haven’t been getting along, but ever since I went out and banged a bunch of people I’ve gotten a new perspective on our marriage and I think we can make it work.”

This isnt’ exactly the 1950’s, divorce isn’t a taboo anymore in politics, it’s almost getting to be a badge of honor, so why stay together for what seems like political reasons and then confess it to the world?  They claim they worked it out for their kids, but who did they confess if for?  Seems like those kids are going to be more screwed up learning this than they would’ve been had one of them simply left. 

The front page is no place to air dirty laundry when no laws were broken, it just lets everyone know you’re scum.  Since this is New York, this could be the open salvo in Paterson’s reelection bid.  Who knows…


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