Dirty Harry Reid: America’s # 1 Source of Air Pollution.

Here’s what Harry Reid really thinks of you.This Wall Street Journal blog post comments on a number of issues nuclear, including dramatic advances in safety and efficiency, the fact that nuclear does not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere, and of course that America has a Paleolithic nuclear energy policy when compared to nations like France, or even China.

But support for nuclear energy is gaining steam in America, from across the political spectrum.  From think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and Third Way, Republican and Democratic lawmakers, and even the founder of Green Peace, nuclear energy is becoming seen as a desired energy source to meet our future energy needs in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

Except, of course, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not permit the opening of the repository at Yucca Mountain, designated storage site for current and future reprocessed nuclear fuel.  Without movement on Yucca mountain, the nuclear renaissance will not move forward.  The result of not moving forward, of course, is more coal- and gas-fired power plants.  The result, of course, is dirtier air (maybe that’s why they call him Dirty Harry).  The result, of course, is more Carbon Dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.  The delusion that our energy needs can be met by renewables, alone, has been revealed as the fraud it always was.

Environmentalists, typically more sympathetic to the Democratic Party, may want to take a fresh look at their political hit list.  Dirty Harry may be doing more to pollute our air than any evil Republican ever dreamed.  Throw the bum out.


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