Is it the week of toilet stories?

Even Lego people think this is insane.Sure, there was a lot of toilet humor attached to the Eliot Spitzer – Ashley Dupre story, but that’s not what the headline is about.  First, there was this story about a bill in Florida to require an unspecified amount of toilet paper be stocked in restaurants, which is insane.  Now the state of Georgia gives us 2 more stories about what used to be private matters.

First, this story is just insane, but it’s not the government’s meddling that makes it so.  A woman sat on her boyfriend’s toilet for 2 years, so long that her skin grafted to the seat.  The boyfriend fed her in there, but she chose not to leave the room herself, seemingly.  Clearly she is insane, but he doesn’t seem much better.  Who waits 2 years to call the police for help in that situation?  They are considering charging him but they don’t know with what.  Being stupid isn’t a crime, though maybe…

The second story from Georgia is much more disturbing because it is about a government mandate that will insert the state in every sale of a house.  Starting in June, selling a house with old toilets, you know, the ones that use enough water the first time so you don’t have to flush them a second, will be banned

A few years ago, thanks to Al Gore, so called “low-flow” toilets became the only ones that could be sold in the US.  This not only caused people to have to flush 2 or 3 times sometimes, but it also created a black market for the old toilets because, well, they actually worked.  Staring in June, DeKalb County will require all old homes to be equipped with “low-flow” toilets before the transaction can be completed or else they won’t hook up a water supply.  So someone in the transaction is going to have to buy new toilets, not sure which party. 

The insanity of the government blocking the transfer of private property from one person to another for any reason, let alone something as insane as his, is ridiculous, and just another example of the PC Environmentalist Police stripping away our rights.

Here’s an idea for someone who lives in Georgia, and we only ask for 5%.  Start a business replacing old toilets with new ones only long enough to pass inspection, then replace the old ones.  For, say $150-$250 per toilet, put in “low-flows,” get the green light for sale, then go put the old ones back.  You’d only have to buy a few new ones and could reuse them.  Just provide a receipt to the new homeowner and you should be fine.

Otherwise, we’d suggest not moving to Georgia because God only knows what’s next…


1 Response to “Is it the week of toilet stories?”

  1. 1 drew
    March 13, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Georgia (& North Carolina for that matter) have been experiencing a drought of epic proportions. This government intervention of which you complain has a very real goal of reducing water consumption, and the results will be palpable. Here in NC, there’s talk of not letting new homes connect to the water system… this is the level of scarcity we’re talking about. Now, as one who has recently installed low flow toilets and been living with them in parts varied across the eastern seaboard, for the better part of 10 years, I’d say the problem you identify is one of design. For the record: I’ve had my share of problems with older plumbing not being able to clear the bowl, but never with a low-flow toilet – and that’s in 2 out of 3 homes in the past 10 years. If you’re in the market for a new toilet, I’d recommend Toto or the high end Kohler with the ‘vortex’ flush… 😉

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