Hillary Clinton and the apology that really wasn’t.

Hillary Clinton is tired…of apologizing for others, she hasn’t even had time to apologize for her own screw ups.There is nothing less sincere than an apology that comes with a qualifier like “…if anyone was offended.”  You’re either sorry or you’re not, you can’t put conditions on it, if your intention is to be sincere, that is.

Hillary Clinton has done a semi-mia culpa for the sins of, well, damn near everyone associated with her campaign who has said anything anyone could remotely construe as racist about Barack Obama.  You can see the story here, but she basically says the people (Geraldine Ferraro and her husband, to just name a few) who may have been offended that they either didn’t mean it or they weren’t speaking for her.

She “bravely” gave this apology to a room full of black community newspapers in Washington. 

“Bravely” is in quotes because it isn’t brave, it’s pandering.  If she were really sincere, or really gave a damn, she would have apologised the moment these things were brought to her attention, not more than a week (in the case of Ferraro) or the weeks it’s been since South Carolina. 

So Hillary now moves deeper into the realm of insincere apologists.  Just when you think a Clinton hit bottom…they pull out a shovel.


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