The Mayor of Detroit plays the race card in order to save his butt, and if history is any guide, it will work.

Mayor Kilpatrick and the mistress that caused him to commit perjury and cost the city millions.The city of Detroit is a mess, high unemployment, high foreclosure rates and mayor who has managed to disgrace himself and the city at every turn.  Be it scamming the city for a car for his wife and kids or an affair and lying about it under oath (you can read all about his self-inflicted problems here). 

Of late, however, the perjury scandal is the most serious one, because he’s managed to spin his way out of the others already.  You can find the details of what led to the Mayor’s latest problems here, needless to say, they sure seem accurate.  But in Detroit, being a corrupt mayor is a sure way to endear yourself to the city, just look at Coleman Young and all the damage he did while getting personally rich. 

So last night Kilpatrick was giving the “State of the City” address and had to bring up the latest string of charges against him.  But since the facts seemingly can’t be disputed with anything other than a “I’m sorry” or “It’s a personal matter,” even though it’s perjury that cost the broken city millions thanks to those lies, Kilpatrick had say something more.  While “I’m sorry,” “I shouldn’t have done it,” “I will work to repay what I cost the city” or “I will resign my office” all come to mind as appropriate in this situation, that’s expecting too much from a person who would do such a thing in the first place.

Instead, we got the race card, which, sadly, works quite well in Detroit.  Since the time of Coleman Young (though Dennis Archer took a break from it and helped the city recover), blaming everything that goes wrong on whites is the simple, easy way to cover your own ass and get away with damn near anything. 

Since it would seem impossible to play the race card in a case where you said one thing under oath and the opposite was the truth, Kilpatrick had to find another way to introduce it.  So, without addressing the charges against him directly, he claimed he’s been called the N-word and received more death threats recently than any time in his life (while it’s entirely possible this is true, and disgusting if it is true, he should be required to prove it, not just get away with saying it.  If newspapers can dig up his old text messages to his on-the-side girlfriend, he can provide some kind of proof he’s telling the truth.  And he should go after those people who threatened his and his family’s lives).  He also dropped the word “lynch-mob,” something liberals have been attacking Bill O’Reilly for.  Proof what not offered, but that doesn’t matter in Detroit.  People are so used to being lied to by their mayors, and accept it, that they have a surf-type mentality that maintains loyalty over everything else, even common sense. 

Kilpatrick also blamed the media because he claims death threats have been made against his family, though no explanation was given as to why anyone would threaten his family, he was the douchebag.

All the while the crowd cheered.  Sure, they were a partisan crowd, but still…does the Mayor and his audience of civil servants and political appointees sever the city or themselves?  Sadly, the answer is obvious.

You can view the relevant portion of Kilpatrick’s speech here.  They say it’s ad libed. That is doubtful.  He looks to the prompter too much and knows just where to pause.  It’s more likely that it simply wasn’t in the version of the speech given to the media.


2 Responses to “The Mayor of Detroit plays the race card in order to save his butt, and if history is any guide, it will work.”

  1. 1 Daniel Morgan
    March 25, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    I was born and grew up in Detroit. It used to be a great place….Hudson’s, Briggs Stadium, Boblo Island, Belle Isle and much more. Now Detroit is a cesspool. Those who need help don’t get it, others get rich with government pork projects, grants, handouts and other funds at the taxpayer’s expense. Who can blame the middle class who pay most of the bills from moving out? Kilpatrick has been caught in a web of graft and lies, but he sets a poor examples for others by not taking responsibility for his actions. According to people like the Mayor, its always someone else’s fault….he’s just a poor victim of vicious lies. This is a story that is seen all too often in the news today.

  2. 2 cruddycat
    November 1, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    what a piece of human garbage. shame on him and the shame on the people who support him despite the fact that he is a thief and liar. Detroit is getting just what it deserves.

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