Eliot Spitzer resigns, what took so long and what’s next?

This picture of Eliot Spitzer writes its own jokes.

 It is being reported that disgraced New York Governor and noted hooker frequenter Eliot Spitzer is going to resign this morning.  This is both shocking and not shocking.

It’s shocking that it took this long.  Anyone with dignity would have done so immediately and spent the rest of their time trying to save their marriage, not their career.  But then, if he were interested in saving his marriage he wouldn’t have been going to prostitutes in the first place.

It’s not shocking because he’s the governor of the state and had been going to prostitutes for 10 YEARS and must’ve thought about the possibility of getting caught, at least at the beginning, and formulated some sort of escape plan that took him 2 days to realize wasn’t going to work.  He also needed to gauge the reaction of his party, would they rally around him the way they did Bill Clinton and James McGreevey?  The only difference was they were being investigated from crimes that had nothing to do with sex, they just used sex as a cover to distract a willing media, Spitzer’s crime was paying for sex.  Can’t really use the “This is a private matter” defense when the “private matter” is a crime.

In the end, no one, with the exception of MSNBC and the loons leaving comments on Huffington, Kos, et. al., came to save him, as it should be.

So Spitzer will resign, in 6 months or so his wife will finally leave him (that’s an acceptable amount of time in society to wait) and he will be reborn an MSNBC political analyst and a high priced lobbyist.  So he’ll still be screwing people for money, only he’ll be the one that gets paid this time.


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