The Return of the Tax and Spenders…

Remember when that used to be yours?Like moths to a flame, democrats simply cannot help themselves. It is so entwined in their nature, one almost sympathizes for their delirious nature. Almost.

Handed the vestiges of power, democrats are putting on their green tights, picking up their bows and arrows, and going to the halls of Congress to play Robin Hood. The only people they kid are themselves. Democrats should not be allowed to do anything without adult supervision; every time they do anything, someone is bound to get hurt.

Who are they hurting this time? Everyone in America. What can they possibly do to hurt everyone in America at the same time? Pass the new budget. The new budget shows how fiscally irresponsible and un-serious the democrats are about fixing any problem anywhere in America. Democrats whale and whine about how Americans are not investing, not saving, and fighting to stay in their homes. What’s the solution? Raise taxes.

Democrats will tell you that they are simply letting the Bush tax cuts expire. Don’t let them pull this one over you. They’ll tell you these tax cuts only affect the rich. Funny thing, the 2001 tax cuts dropped the lowest tax bracket from 15% to 10%.  Why then, democrats, do you favor raising the lowest income tax bracket 5 percentage points, and the next tax bracket by 3% when these are the brackets most likely to affect poor people? Why do democrats insist on taxing the poor they fight so hard to protect?  Sure, they say they don’t, that they like those tax cuts, but Bill Clinton promised a “middle class tax cut” then, once in office, simply couldn’t find the money to do it.

Democrats erroneously believe that eliminating tax cuts will raise federal revenue. History shows exactly the opposite, thanks to the charts kept by the Cato Institute.  If one looks after the year 2003, (hint, there was a another, better version of the tax cut in 2003) there is an amazing trend that followed: the federal government started bringing in more money each year. Coincidence? Democrats must think so. For those embedded in reality, they know otherwise. More money to invest increases new opportunities, jobs, which all lead back to more money to be taxed later.

This new budget, as the National Review highlights, is a joke. It’s worse than a joke. It is cruel to the American tax payer. There is no effort to reform any entitlement spending, which only the not-yet-born fail (and apparently democrats) to see as a huge financial crisis. There is no effort to address any solution for earmarks, a practice Nancy Pelosi promised to reign in upon the democrats gaining power in the 2006 elections.  She said she would get rid of all of them, and use the money to reduce the federal deficit and not create new spending; well, as Speaker of the House, she has the power. Conversely, the House budget creates $22 billion dollars in NEW spending. 

The democrats have broken about every campaign promise they ran on, and now seek to sink America’s economic ship taking us all down with them. Here’s to hoping Bush vetoes this budget all the way to his last day in office.


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