Hillary near the end…

Not sure who could take whom in a fight.

Given the increased level of absurdity of the current Presidential campaign, guess we shouldn’t be surprised that it seems as if conventional thinking is no longer in vogue. After three excruciating months of watching the Dem Presidential candidates fight to be the most liberal, it’s clear that Barack Obama is the current front runner. Despite what the press contends, Obama is the the virtual Democratic nominee by virtue of his pledged delegate lead and lead in the popular vote. It is mathematically impossible for HRC to overtake Obama’s commanding lead. And yet the story coming out of last week’s TX and OH results is that the race is in a virtual tie. What a joke! The story is not so much that she won, it’s that she didn’t win by enough of a margin to drastically alter the mathematical landscape to make a difference.

It is surprising that more of the Democratic establishment hasn’t turned on HRC in continuing to place her ego above the good of the party.

We know we’re not alone among fellow conservatives in sharing a common foe with Obama supporters: Hillary Rodham Clinton – and we are confident that we will be able to dispatch of Obama in the general (or Hillary, if she manages a miracle). We have come way too close to seeing the end of HRC, and we can’t help but wish for her demise at this critical juncture.

One of the greatest virtues of our country is our celebration of fairness and accountability. In sports, there are winners and there are losers. One is not a worse person, or a better person after a loss. That’s just the way it is – accountability and justice.

As Dick Morris so aptly put it in his latest column, “Hillary, It’s Over!”


1 Response to “Hillary near the end…”

  1. 1 Keith
    March 11, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Don’t count her out just yet. If there’s one thing about Bill and Hillary it’s that they have a way of getting what they want when you least expect it.

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