John McCain – Man in the Arena Ad

Conservatives of all walks of life have their concerns about John McCain and they haven’t been shy about publicly expressing them.  Many of us who consider ourselves to be conservatives find ourselves in a struggle over how to vote in the November election.  Is it better for the movement to have a President Clinton or Obama?  Is the damage a President Clinton or Obama would cause the country too costly to endure?  Would a President McCain govern as a conservative or would he govern as a liberal?  These and many others are legitimate questions that we must answer in the coming months.  For many of us, questions regarding how the candidates will handle national security will be at the top of our list.  There is little question that Senator McCain has the most impressive national security resume of the three remaining contenders.  There is no question that Senator McCain is an American Hero and his is a life of service to his country is a story that should even make Michelle Obama proud of her country.  Senator McCain has recently released a new ad on his website that speaks directly to national security.  This is one of the best political ads I’ve ever seen – take a look and judge for yourself. 


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