Indoctrinate U: finally you can see the movie…in your own home.

Since Hollywood seemingly has no interest in distributing movies that disagree with a left-wing agenda, even though all of their anti-war (and some, not all, anti-military) movies have been flops, conservative documentaries (yes, they do exist) have gotten the shaft.  Unless it start obese socialists (Sicko) and isn’t about them (Manufacturing Dissent), the Left-Coast film distributors aren’t going to allow the audience to decide.

The tale of Indoctrinate U is just such a story.  No need to recount it here, just Google it for yourself. 

Needless to say, getting this film to a mass audience has been nearly impossible, at least in the traditional way.  But, thanks to the non-traditional way, the world can now see it and download it for yourself!  It’s important to spread the word of this movie.  While an argument could be made that the stories told in the movie are isolated events, that should not lower any freedom loving person’s outrage at those stories.  And simple research will show you that they are not isolated nearly enough.

You can view and download the movie for free here.  And the trail is below.  Check it out.


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