Democratic leaders attempt to cover up their fears over the primary situation.

and they think Iraq is a mess!

 Nancy Pelosi is worried, and so is Rahm Emanuel.  On what do we base that?  Well, their statements of confidence are a dead give away.

Speaker Pelosi told The Hill: “I was never among those who thought this would be resolved by now.”

Congressman Emanuel said of their primary process: “This is a good process.”

So the Speaker has a magic 8-Ball that let her, and only her, know this was going to be a long, drawn out process?  And Rahm thinks the mess in which they currently find themselves is “good”? 

There really isn’t a conservative that thinks the situation in which Democrats currently find themselves is anything other than great.   Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are going to have to spend a fortune fighting with each other to essentially end up tied and find themselves in a situation where they’re going to have to beg and bribe superdelegates for the nomination, and Democrat leaders think it’s a good thing? 

No matter what happens, short of one of them dropping out, whoever the Democratic nominee is will have been selected by superdelegates.  WE think that is GREAT!  We don’t, however, believe anyone with a D after their name saying the same thing.


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