They say Hillary Clinton can’t win, but who comes out on top in the event of a tie?

Two number 2s!

 Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in near tie on the delegate count in the race for the Democratic nomination, thanks entirely to the completely screwed up way in which delegates are awarded (think participation ribbons), with  Barack in a slight lead.  But that slight lead and the insane, winner only takes some way in which delegates are allotted make the gap nearly impossible for Hillary to make up the difference.  It also makes it nearly impossible for Obama to pull away and win outright.  As of right now, the Democrats are looking at a nominee chosen by superdelegates, one way or another.  Unless one of them drops out, neither can get to the magic number of 2025 to win without them.

So Hillary has floated the idea that has been in the dreams of liberals since the beginning, getting the two of them on the same ticket.  The reason liberals think this is a “dream ticket” is because they tend to only see race and gender, and they get pretty excited about both.  So if you could get Clinton and Obama on the same ticket, in their twisted minds, they would win in a landslide.  Not so fast.

Traditionally, VP selections are made to bring balance to a ticket, bring something missing in the person on the top of the ticket.  Since Hillary and Barack agree on 99 percent of the issues, what is the balance?  Gender?  Race?  Only in the mind of a liberal would that make sense, it wouldn’t bring any new votes in the general election. 

But the more interesting question is “who would be on top?”

There is not a scenario in which we can envision Hillary being number 2, she already did that for 8 years.   But Barack has the stronger hand, he can walk into the convention with a lead in delegates and make a better case that he should be the nominee.

This is far from over, especially since they’re charging each other with everything under the sun, and will be very interesting to watch.


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