Neither Democrat can win without elite Super-Delegates.

A Democrat voter goes to the polls.

This is what you get with the screwed up system the Democrats came up with to nominate a Presidential candidate, one designed to make everyone “feel” like their vote counts, but it really doesn’t. 

Right now Senator Clinton has 1449 delegates.

Right now Senator Obama has 1556 delegates.

They need 2025 to win, but both need a miracle to get there by the normal primary process.  In fact, for Senator Obama to win outright he would have to win 77 percent of the outstanding delegates, a pretty daunting task.  More daunting is what Senator Clinton needs to do in order to win, she needs to pull 94 percent of the outstanding delegates.

So it will clearly come down to the super-delegates, unselected party officials who can and will change their mind based upon anything.  It’s a good time to be a Democratic super-delegate, just think of all the promises and campaign money flowing right now, but it’s not such a good time to be a Democrat voter…not that it ever is.


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