Why do Democrats always have voting “irregularities”?

If being stupid were a crime there would be no Democratic Party.

 St. Louis is the most common example of Democrat voters having problems casting votes, or so it would seem.  Every November there is a lawsuit demanding the polls in St. Louis stay open late because of some problem or another, either bad weather or long lines, even though the rules allow for everyone in line when the polls close to vote and weather happens everywhere (considering voting happens all day, if someone doesn’t get there in time, even allowing for weather, tough).  Then there was the apparent inability of Democrats in Florida to poke a pin through a piece of paper or read a ballot (again, tough).  And in 2004 we had Ohio, where no one seemed capable of following the simple rules. 

Normally Democrats claim it’s all the fault of the Republicans, though how Republicans make people too weak to push through a piece of paper  when the paper is designed to be pushed through is still a mystery, especially when the areas with all these problems are completely controlled by Democrats.  (Seems more like they try to keep polls open long enough to get the number of votes they need…)

Now we have problems in Ohio among the Democrats where both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are complaining about what the other side is doing.  Maybe they’re trying to out-corrupt each other?  Who knows, who cares.  None of this matter beyond the fact that this is a primer for the general election and the Republicans need to watch who does what so they know how the eventual nominee plans on cheating.


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