Congressman John Lewis makes the political move – Drops support of Hillary Clinton, now backs Barack Obama.

He loved her, now he loves her not.  John Lewis and Hillary Clinton.

A Member of Congress changing their mind is rarely news, but rarely is it done for such obvious political advantage.  Georgia Congressman  and Superdelegate John Lewis has dropped his support of Hillary Clinton and now backs Barack Obama

Why?  He claims it’s to reflect the will of the voters, but that is a complete load.  He wants to be relevant.

Like most politicians, he does what is in his own best interest, period.  Lewis thinks the Clinton ship is going down and he wants to surround himself with winners, so he’s jumped ship. 

You may be thinking, “How dare you say that about a civil rights leaders!”  Well, we dare say if for two reasons.

First, the Constitution allows us to say whatever the hell we want.

Second, what exactly has happened in the last few weeks that could have changed the mind of Congressman Lewis besides the polls?  Clinton and Obama are basically the same person on the issues with only minor differences between them, so it sure couldn’t be the issues.  Neither one of them has made any ground-breaking new proposals in the last few weeks, nor have they reversed themselves on anything.  They still spout the same left-wing talking points they’ve been spewing since the beginning of the race (since neither has locked up the race, they’re still both attempting to appeal to their left flank).

The only thing that has changed since Lewis announced his support is the person he was supporting, who was ahead at the time, is now losing. 

This move by Lewis is the ultimate opportunism and should surprise no one.  It could also be the cover many Clinton supporters use to join him in jumping ship.  Everyone loves you when you on top…


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