Ralph Nader is running again…and still no one cares.

So two Ralph Naders walk into a bar…So Ralph Nader has decided to run for President, yet again.  If you were to look up “making a joke of yourself” in a book somewhere, there would be many pictures next to the definition.  Jimmy Carter (worst President of the last 100 years claiming high ground on anything), Britney Spears and Paris Hilton (though they were always a joke, they’re just not funny any more), any Hollywood liberal who sings the praises of Castro (the list is too long to write, but you know who they are, and how they praise a murderous dictator who would imprison and/or kill them were they born under his rule is, well, a joke), and the list goes on…

But it has a new member in the political world – Ralph Nader.

The “consumer advocate,” who is actually a lobbyist, has decided to run yet again for President.  He won’t matter, he won’t make the debates, and he won’t get very much attention past this announcement, but reality rarely stands in his way.

The purpose he hopes to serve with this attempt is unclear, differing levels of socialism are offered by all the Democrats who ran this year, Nader just offers the cherry on top in that he has been practicing it for years (though he somehow managed to become a millionaire in the process).  So it is without shock that no one really cares that he’s said he’s running again.  Though don’t be surprised if you see the Democrats attempt to block his ability to get on the ballot in several states.  There’s not point in fighting it, he won’t matter and anyone who would vote for Nader would never vote for a candidate who stood a chance, it just makes them look bad.


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