Sure people will starve to death, but Al Gore will be happy.

I like my gas with butter and salt.Aside from the fact that it takes 80 percent of the energy it takes to produce on gallon of gasoline to produce one gallon of ethanol, takes more ethanol to run a car than gas, and that man-made global warming is a myth, the rush to find “alternative” energy sources to appease the Pope Goreus the VI and other profiteers who perpetuate this garbage continues.

Al Gore and his ilk support ethanol subsidies (as do most candidates for President because people in Iowa love their government checks) as a better alternative than straight gasoline for the environment, though even that is in doubt.  But the Members of the Church of Global Warming is not known for bothering with facts that don’t fit their mold.

Now there is this story about how the push for ethanol has led to higher food prices and food shortages

Way to go, Pope Goreus the VI!  Though this isn’t that far off of what some faithful want.


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