One of the funnier lines you’ll ever read.

the Hindenberg of the radio dial.As everyone knows, Huffington Post is an outlet for radical left-wing spin and press releases.  While they’re all pretty amusing and a joke, there is one post today that takes the cake.

Posted by their “political reporter,” which means this guy is one of the few besides Arianna who makes money off of the site (the site is very parasitic that way), it details the latest ultra-rich left-winger seeking to bail water from the Titanic that is Air America.  Air America, for anyone who hasn’t seen the glowing stories in the New York Times, is the failed liberal radio network actively seeking to elect Democrats that couldn’t make a profit or attract an audience if it were the only game in town. 

After scandals and bankruptcy, someone else is going to try to create something an audience doesn’t want.  While that a joke, it’s not the joke.

The funniest thing we’ve read in a while is the opening line of the press release, er, report:

Air America, one of the country’s more powerful radio networks and a major progressive megaphone, is switching ownership.

The yardstick by which “reporter” Sam Stein measures power is unknown, but we’d imagine it could fit nicely into a Smurf’s pocket.


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