Are you saying hope isn’t an accomplishment?

Senator Clinton is getting a little worried about her poll numbers and the actual election results, and after so many losses in a row, can you really blame her?  This primary was, after all, supposed to be a coronation, not a battle.  Well, at battle it is, and so the gloves are coming a little further off…

Senator Clinton had the audacity to ask what were Barack Obama’s accomplishments, which is a good question.  Aside from one bill with Senator Coburn, which is pretty much skirted by the new Democrat majority in the Congress, and giving his wife something to be proud of for once in her adult life, he hasn’t really done much.

Below is he video of her asking the question.  Notice how she quickly spins to typical left-wing talking points about how some people are a pay-check away from losing their homes with no mention of the fact that many of them purchased homes they couldn’t afford expecting to be able to turn around and sell them for a profit before the higher payments kicked in.  Ah, personal responsibility, where have you gone?

A question for Senator Clinton; You’ve been in the Senate for 7 years, what are your accomplishments? And don’t give us that “I led the fight for this or that” crap, every Member of Congress of votes for or against something claims to have led the fight for or against it, which translates into having voted for or against it and nothing more. So seriously, what have you done?


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