More Google corruption.

Google doesn’t like it when the sun shines on them.

Google has an image problem, but it is completely earned.  While amassing hundreds of billions of dollars in net worth, they push a left-wing agenda.  They are actively seeking to regulate the Internet, supporting the so-called “Net Neutrality” push on the web, essentially fooling people into thinking they won’t be able to watch YouTube videos if the big, bad telecom companies have their way, (By the way, Google is worth more than all the telecom “giants” they claim to be at the mercy of) all the while seeking to ensure their bottom line stays large and the government stays out of their business.

Such is life with the Left, “Do on to others I say and leave me the hell alone!”

Well, now comes word of Google censorship, and no, we aren’t talking about their corrupt bargain with China to aid in the oppression of 1.6 billion people.  This time it’s the media, the very small but important media.

Matthew Lee runs the site Inner City Press and reports on the many, many corruptions at the United Nations.  Well, Google has partnered with the United Nations now, and mysteriously Mr. Lee’s stories have stopped showing up in  Google News searches.  Google actually sent him an email saying he would no longer come up because someone complained about his work, but wouldn’t say who.

Once the fecal mater hit fan, however, Google has backed off, or at least is in the process of backing off.  Seems blocking someone is easy and only takes an instant, unblocking them takes some time.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

The moral of the story is this; Google wants the government to regulate the Internet away from the companies that built it through Net Neutrality, but they will use whatever standards they wish to manage the results of searches you make using their search engine.  Funny, huh?  Don’t think that’s what they’re doing?  Google a few famous names and see how often Wikipedia comes up in the first three entries found.  Google owns Wikipedia….


3 Responses to “More Google corruption.”

  1. 1 PJ
    February 19, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    Didn’t the founders of Google come from former communist countries with a controlled press? ‘Nuff said.

  2. April 20, 2008 at 3:00 am

    The increased regulation and monitoring of cyberspace is a real tragedy for America. The Internet was the last hope to bring democracy back to the people, but now it seems that too can be bought by special interests. Scary.

    I’m surprised to hear fiscal Conservatives paint this as a Left-Wing Conspiracy. Both parties benefit from cracking down on our Internet freedoms; in fact, I actually found your blog because I searched for “Google corruption” after Google and YouTube banned a bunch of people who spoke out against the Bush Administration.

    To call this a Left vs. Right issue is rather oversimplifying the issue, don’t you think? After all, it was a Republican Administration that initiated the domestic spying program. And what better way to spy on people than to gain access to EVERY topic they ever type into a search engine, and every web site they look at, every Instant Messenger convo, etc. Let’s face it: our old ideas of party are becoming obsolete.

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