Hillary to Chelsea: Get a real job!

You know, I don’t do real work either. I just spend other people’s money.  I like it…a lot!The corruption and hypocrisy of the Clintons never ceases to amaze…

As we told you a while ago, Chelsea Clinton is a hedge fund manager in New York City.  Nothing wrong with that, in our opinion, it’s a legal job.  But in Democratic circles it’s akin to being priest or working for a drug company (they pay no mind the good they do or the lives drug companies save, by the way).

So it should come as little surprise that Senator Clinton has attacked her daughter’s job again.  Never missing an opportunity to suck up to an audience, Senator Clinton said the following:

“I saw a sign over here – someone has a t-shirt on, tax hedge fund dealers, well in this economy we are going to have a fair tax system again.”

Then she went on to claim people making a lot of money weren’t paying their fair share of taxes, typical liberal babble.

The funny thing is, Chelsea was on the stage with her.

Maybe Chelsea doesn’t count as a hedge fund manager because she doesn’t seem to have been at work since her mother started sliding in the polls in early January…

Now THAT’S job security!


1 Response to “Hillary to Chelsea: Get a real job!”

  1. February 19, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    While I’m not sure about the idea of liberals being wholly evil, I am quite sure that Hillary Clinton is not the person to run the United States. She is a prime example of pure spite, and really has no qualifications whatsoever. I’m pleased to see Barack Obama pulling ahead again.

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