Castro steps down, nothing changes.

You have something on your face.The news today that Fidel Castro is not going to seek another term as President of Cuba is welcome news, but only in a small way.  Fidel is still alive and by not seeking another term it opens the way for his brother Raul to take over.  Why does that matter?  Because when Fidel does die, which doesn’t seem that far off, it will be a smoother transition to continue the dictatorship than it would be were there a power vacuum.

While the end of the Fidel reign is something to be celebrated, it will not signify the end of the Castro regime, and may usher in a worse time for many Cubans.  Just imagine always being second to your brother and then getting all the power.  Can you imagine all the enemies Raul has made over the years that Fidel wouldn’t let him do anything to?  Soon there won’t be Fidel to stand in his way. 

We hope we’re wrong, but it’s crazy to assume the best of the Castros.  Cuba won’t truly be free until all the Castros are gone. 


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