Backstabbing Coward

Harry Reid, liar

Not that it is any surprise, Harry Reid is not only a backstabber, but he is also a coward afraid of the popular will.  And to think, those are his better qualities.

Majority Leader Reid made an agreement with Dr. Coburn that would allow the Oklahoma Senator to offer five amendments to the energy lands bill. So Dr. Coburn took Reid up on the deal, and offered an amendment that would allow people to carry guns in National Parks, thus extending the Second Amendment to of all places, U.S. government managed property.

Reid, knowing that a gun issue would play well into Republican hands in an election year, did what many democrats would do. He stabbed Coburn in the back. He revoked their agreement and the bill is now effectively dead. Due to Reid’s selfishness and public betrayal, the tax payer will not benefit from their lawmakers (this might be a good thing, considering who is in charge). Nonetheless, it is a real tragedy when one cannot trust the leaders of his or her own country.


1 Response to “Backstabbing Coward”

  1. 1 PJ
    February 20, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    Newsflash… Douchebags will now have pictures of Harry Reid on them so the illiterates will know what they are buying.

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