Thou shatl not exercise your personal freedom in your own home.

Doug Berdie, asshole fascist douchebag, smiles pretty for the camera

The left-wing fascists are at it again…

There’s nothing a left-winger likes more than telling others how to live their lives, speech codes, bans on foods and seat belt laws are just a few examples of the subtle fascism Liberals are sneaking into our lives every day. 

But nothing matches their favorite target, smoking. 

A condo complex in Minneapolis has banned smoking in the building for people who OWN their own condo.  Sure, those there now are allowed to continue (how big of them), but future purchasers will not be able to treat their own home like it’s their own home.

Doug Berdie, the Hitler of La Rive, led the charge because he didn’t like the smell.  Well, Adolf, tough sh!t.  We’re sure your cooking stench offends someone, your feet stink and your gas smells like your politics, but that doesn’t mean people want to ban you.  Or at least they didn’t, now that you’ve gone on this jihad to impose your will on others we hope others go on one to impose their will on you.

Ban garlic!  Ban fish! Judging by your photo, ban fried chicken and donuts.  And make exercise mandatory, tubby.  Nothing ruins a smell of a fresh summer breeze like a dead body, and since you’re out of shape you’re more likely to drop dead than most, can’t have that.

Why don’t these fascists just make a full-court press to outlaw smoking?  Or at least stop subsidizing tobacco?  Because they don’t really care about smokers, they care about the tax money it raises.  There would be a serious national push to ban cigarettes if they really cared, not a push to fund children’s health insurance by raising taxes on them. 

Can’t wait for one of these cases to make their way to the Supreme Court. 

By the way, if you don’t care about smoker’s right, just wait till they get around to something you do care about, because they will.  That’s how they work. 


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