This may well be why Hillary is losing.

This video may well be why Hillary is bombing in the polls.  Sure, it’s not officially linked to the campaign, but good Lord!  IT IS AWFUL! 

We’ve never quite understood why Liberals are always claiming they want to “take America back!”  Back from what?  In the minds of Liberals are Republicans not Americans, too?  This song wants to “take back our democracy,” but doesn’t say from what or who (not to mention showing a complete lack of understanding of the fact that we’re a Republic, not a democracy).  So what is it?  There are always these left-wing hate conventions that are entitled “taking back” the country, or some such nonsense.  Why the hate?  Honestly, don’t understand it.

By the way, another reason this video is terrible, once you get past the music and lyrics, is the choreography of the dancers on stage.  They are reminiscent of Soy Bomb from the Grammys a few years ago.

Soy Bomb is probably a Democrat, too.

1 Response to “This may well be why Hillary is losing.”

  1. 1 PJ
    February 16, 2008 at 10:12 am

    Wow, you really can’t polish a turd.

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